New issue of Ethnicity Studies has been published

An issue of Ethnicity Studies 2012/1-2 has been published. The issue is available for purchase at the Institute of Ethnic Studies.










Contents of Ethnicity Studies 2012/1-2:

Vita Petrušauskaitė, Vilana Pilinkaitė Sotirovič (in Lithuanian)

Russians in Lithuania: development of an ethnic group and challenges of social integration 2001-2011

Andrius Marcinkevičius (in Lithuanian)

Constructing ethnic groups in the censuses of the Soviet Union: image of Russians in Lithuania

Monika Frėjutė-Rakauskienė (in Lithuanian)

Lithuanian press and public opinion polls about the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian ethnic groups and new immigrants

Kristina Šliavaitė (in Lithuanian)

Ethnic minorities in labour market: the importance of language, citizenship ans social networks (the case of Visaginas)

Monika Frėjutė-Rakauskienė, Kristina Šliavaitė (in Lithuanian)

Russians, Poles and Belarusians in Lithuania: interplay of local, regional and European identities

Karolis Žibas (in Lithuanian)

Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians: from immigrants to future citizens

Rasa Erentaitė, Vilana Pilinkaitė Sotirovič (in Lithuanian)

The gender perspective in migration: analysis of third-country nationals in Lithuania

Simona Zavratnik (in English)

Images of immigrants in Slovenia: insights from public opinion research

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