Academic exchange visits between REMESO and the Institute for Ethnic Studies

This year, two meetings of scholars of REMESO and the Institute for Ethnic Studies, have taken place.

The first meeting was organised in Vilnius on 3 April 2013. During the meeting possibilities of future co-operation between Institute of Ethnic Studies (ETI) and REMESO (Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society) was discussed with professor Charles Woolfson, Viktorija Voolfson and Indre Genelyte (REMESO). Following forms of co-operation were suggested:

  • An exchange visit of ETI  to REMESO: presentation of ETI work and personnel to REMESO colleagues during a visit of Karolis Žibas and Vita Petrušauskaitė, 7-11 May 2013;
  • Possibility of future joint project applications under forthcoming Horizon 2020 programme;
  • Possible future teaching exchange with higher education institutions in Lithuania;
  • Joint edited volume of Ethnicity Studies;
  • A joint workshop in Vilnius either in November 2013, or spring 2014

The second meeting was organised in Linkoping on 7-11 May 2013. During the visit of Karolis Žibas and Vita Petrušauskaitė a seminar presentation of the ETI  scientific activities and personnel was organised and  a joint volume of the Ethnicity Studies was discussed. In addition, as a result of the meeting the memorandum of cooperation was signed between REMESO and the Institute of Ethnic Studies at the Lithuanian Social Research Centre.

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