The Institute for Ethnic Studies implements the long-term research and development programme of the Lithuanian Social Research Centre financed from the state budget and also implements national and international research projects financed by the Research Council of Lithuania, the European Union, other international bodies, or partners. Current projects. Archive.  

Public opinion and mass media monitoring

Since 2005, the Institute for Ethnic Studies has performed annual public opinion polls to analyse attitudes of Lithuania residents towards different ethnic and social groups (e.g. Roma, Jews, Muslims, refugees, etc.). Media monitoring has been implemented at the Institute since 2004, focusing on representation of ethnic issues and manifestations of ethnic intolerance in Lithuanian media.

Ethnicity studies

Ethnicity Studies – a peer-reviewed series of ethnicity-related studies and their methodology, published annually in English and Lithuanian by the Institute for Ethnic Studies from 2003 to 2016. Ethnicity Studies included articles on ethnic processes in contemporary societies, emphasizing social science approaches (sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, historical and cultural studies) to the study of ethnicity. […]