Instructions for submitting manuscripts for the Ethnicity Studies

The texts should be preferably written in English; contributions in Lithuanian and Russian are also welcome.

Font: Times New Roman 12 pt or Calibri 11 pt, 1.5 lines spaced.

Abstract:  up to 1600 chars.
If the main text is written in other than English language, abstract must be provided both in English and the original language, and vice versa – abstract should be both in English and Lithuanian, if the main text is in English.

Keywords: 3-5 words.

to author in the text:
e.g.: (Mann 1993: 121);
or:  …as suggested by Mann (1993: 121).

to single author book:
Popovski, V. (2000). National minorities and citizenship rights in Lithuania 1988–1993. Houndmills, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

to article in the journal:
Ott, A.F., Kirch, A., ir Kirch, M. (1996). Ethnic anxiety: a case study of resident aliens in Estonia (1990–1992). Journal of Baltic Studies 27(1), 21–45.

to legal acts:
Government of Lithuania (1996) Regional programme for social development in Eastern Lithuania, 19962000 [Rytų Lietuvos rajonų socialinio plėtojimo 19962000 metų programa], 25.07.1996, No. 882 (31.07.1996).
Republic of Latvia (1998). Citizenship Law [Pilsonības likumā], amendments 22.06.1998, 315/316 (1376/1377).)

List references alphabetically at the end of article.

Footnotes:  bottom of page, size 10 pt, single spaced, Arabic numerals.

The cover page of the manuscript should include the author’s institutional affiliation as well as his/her full contact information (postal address, e-mail, telephone, fax).

For more information please contact: