Dr. Giedrė Blažytė


Curriculum Vitae

Research interests:

- contemporary migration processes;
- family migration;
- migration and gender;
- integration of beneficiaries of international protection;
- public attitudes towards migrants and beneficiaries of international protection;
- irregular migration and trafficking in human beings.


2012–2016 – Doctoral degree in Social Sciences, Sociology (dissertation Immigration for family reunification to Lithuania: the role of gender and ethnicity in the process of social adaptation,  the joint PhD programme in Sociology, Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Kaunas Technology University and Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania)

2008-2010 – Masters‘ degree in Sociology (graduated with honours), The  Joint Master‘s Programme in Comparative Social Policy and Welfare Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius, Lithuania)  in cooperation with the University of Tampere (Finland) and Johannes Kepler University (Linz, Austria)


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